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1KEY MIS Server

SMB Overview

Every small business is unique, with its own set of industry-specific practices and its own strategies for success. It is critical in today's competitive business environment for SMBs to take timely decisions for growth. Robust yet flexible MIS is the first-step for SMBs in this conquest for growth.

The typical MIS challenges faced by SMBs today

  • Limited manpower & IT resources
  • Limited IT Budgets
  • Disparate data sources
  • Current business climate pressure & competition
  • Ever changing Reporting needs with changing Business conditions
  • Dynamic Government Regulations & Compliance Reporting

SMBs are capturing massive amount of information, but what they don't have is line of sight into their business, to make real-time decisions. 1KEY MIS Server addresses these challenges with an innovative MIS platform specifically designed for SMBs.

Whether you're a retailer, manufacturer, or service provider, 1KEY MIS Server can provide you with comprehensive Management Information Software that helps you stay on top of your business. The affordable, easy-to-use 1KEY MIS Server allows you to control practically all of your core operations, including

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Ordering and Delivery
  • Purchasing and Merchandising
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Employees and Human Resources
  • E-commerce
  • Financial and Accounting

1KEY MIS Server Overview

1KEY MIS Server is affordable, easy-to-use business management information software designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMB). It provides a single integrated system to extract data and create critical business MIS across all business functions. With 1KEY MIS Server, you can instantaneously access a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your business, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably.

1KEY MIS Server gives you an instant access to one version of your business data. You get greater visibility and control by integrating business-critical information, freeing it from various, unconnected applications, and running powerful 1KEY MIS Server to conduct MIS across every aspect of your business.

Residing on a single server, and a capability to extract data from multiple data sources, 1KEY MIS Server leverages your existing IT investments. It is designed to be intuitive for new users and to be flexible enough to support you as your needs change.

1KEY Server incorporates best-of-breed BI technologies to deliver a fully integrated environment that helps small businesses extract meaningful information from the business data, increase productivity, and present a more professional image to customers.

1KEY MIS Server Business Benefits

  • Get a complete view of your business with a single / multiple sources of data for all critical, up-to-the-minute business data. Give your business users instant access to the right information they need to run the business.
  • Expand your business and customers with complete customer view across sales, distribution, and financials helps you uncover new ways to serve your customers faster and better.
  • Take proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, scheduler, and response to key business events and customer needs. Get out of the reactive, time-consuming "fire drills."
  • Streamline your MIS by seamlessly integrating key business data such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and financials together out-of-the-box, eliminating redundant spreadsheet entries and errors.
  • Support your changing needs with easy-to-use ad hoc reporting tools to fit your specific business needs and individual user preferences.
  • Trust in a solution you can count on. 1KEY MIS Server from MAIA Intelligence and delivered by a network of certified partners that provide local customer service and support.

1KEY MIS Server Value Proposition

Work Challenges 1KEY MIS Server Value Proposition
Reporting tools are too complicated for users to create customized reports.

  • Lets you create, manage, and distribute powerful reports that use familiar and intuitive Business User Tools.

It's difficult to generate comprehensive reports without technical assistance because data resides in different applications.
  • Supports creating reports across different areas of business such as sales, purchasing, payments, and accounting by simply dragging the data from different data sources.
  • Includes drill-down by click.

Querying: It's too difficult to run reports on detailed business data without technical assistance.

  • Provides capabilities to make reports easy to create and change, as well as simple to drill down into all query results with a few clicks.
It's difficult to modify existing software so users are able to see only the reports that are important and relevant to their jobs.

  • Enables users to easily change the view and layout based on their preferences or create MIS that are specific to their jobs.
Reports from multiple systems on critical business data such as sales bookings, stock levels, and cash flow are inconsistent.
  • Instant, comprehensive, and accurate insight into data from many sources, including general ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, purchasing, and inventory.

Difficult to generate accurate, relevant reports.

  • Offers intuitive MIS for financial reports

1KEY MIS Server Offerings

1Key Corporate MIS Server

Cost effective package for SMBs to manage MIS across 5 group companies and 25 users. Click here for more details.

1Key Ascent MIS Server

Cost effective package for SMBs to manage MIS across 3 group companies and 5 users. Click here for more details.

1Key CEO MIS Server

Cost effective package for SMB CEOs to manage MIS across 3 group companies. Click here for more details.

Want more information?

If you would like to connect with one of our partners to discuss pricing, options or schedule a demonstration to see how 1KEY MIS Server solutions can help your business, just complete our online form and someone will contact you shortly.

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