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Banking Solutions

Banking Solutions Using 1KEY

MAIA Intelligence 1KEY reporting solution for Indian Banks is help for both analytics, operational reporting and RBI statutory reporting. The number of reports to be submitted by banks are 223. We also support reporting requirements of foreign banks operating out of India.

MAIA Intelligence expertise on Infosys Finacle reporting for Internal MIS and Statutory reporting is unparallel on 1KEY BI platform.

MAIA Intelligence also provides reporting on XBRL for banks with RBI taxonomy provisioning.

MAIA Intelligence leads the way in risk and regulatory compliance solutions and can provide full coverage to all banks legally bound to report to RBI as well as all of the additional regulators using its 1KEY BI platform which is XBRL enabled.

Drive & control better bank branch operations performance through customer-segment and product level planning, analysis, and reporting.

  • All banks to develop a robust regulatory risk engine to deliver timely alert and accurate economic capital allocation information.
  • Whether your bank is one of the largest providers of financial services nationwide, a super-regional serving numerous states, or an independent serving a particular region or area, its mission is the same: to create value for customers and shareholders and ensure proper risk management?
  • Most banks manage the process with hundreds or even thousands of spreadsheets which typically leads to inconsistent plans, multiple errors, and significantly longer cycle times.
  • Is your IT Infrastructure helping you achieve very common strategic objectives
    a) to increase fee income
    b) to stem attrition of high-value customers?

Solution Objectives

  • Customer Profitability
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Performance

Recommended Solution

Banking Operation Management Software - 1KEY BI

For further details sales@maia-intelligence.com

Banking Solutions
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